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Since 1987, Technologica Systems S.A. has been active in the field of audiovisual(AV), offering complete solutions for the procurement, design and installation of audiovisual equipment and after-sales support services. Indicatively, it offers solutions as an Intergator in the areas of Digital Signage, Video Conference, Meeting Room Systems, Interactive Education.

The point that differentiates Technologica Systems from the competition, is its ability to provide integrated solutions, helping the professional to meet his needs, so a large number of businesses rely on their skilled staff and trust their proposals.

Technologica has assured partners who are distinguished for their ability and reliability in the field. For the image, it is a Specialist Dealer of SONY and EPSON, with key partners LG and VTRON. In the sound, is distinguished by its collaboration with SENHEISER, and as far as the peripheral equipment needed to unify all the above , it trusts the award-winning Pro AV manufacturer KRAMER.

With respect to the customer and the social environment, he has developed and applies a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015 and an Environmental Management System conforming to ISO 14001: 2015.



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