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The Sony BRAVIA Professional, beyond the unparalleled 4K resolution, high contrast and rich colors, feature 24/7 mode with sizes from 43 "to 100" and feature Android OS with access to all applications through the Google Store. They are accompanied by Sony's TEOS applications, offering the user plenty of features depending on the version available. For example, TEOS Reception allows your visitors to check in and check out quickly and easily while at the same time alerting the host that the visitor has arrived. In addition, you ensure the security of your business as all visits are recorded in your files and you can control them all, with TEOS Manage, from your office.

The control offered by TEOS Manage is versatile and not complicated, as through the application you can unlock all attached devices, select the content to be displayed and change it in real time. An additional tool is the TEOS Book that is used to organize the availability of your halls, to see the hours available in the room and to close it on the day and time you wish. This commitment automatically updates the calendar and the room will not be available to others without requiring any extra action.




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