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TR-1A is a high-performance Isolation Transformer for balanced mono audio signals. It completely isolates the devices to neutralize the hum, earth loops and DC shifts that can degrade the sound quality.


S/N ratio    83dB @+4dBu, 1kHz.
External Input & Output Ground Terminals.
Grounding Options switch selectable.
Passive    No power required.
Compact Kramer TOOLS™    3 units can be rack mounted side–by–side in a 1U rack space with the recommended rack adapter.

1 balanced audio, +4dBu/600Ω on a detachable terminal block
1 balanced audio, +4dBu/600Ω on a detachable terminal block

Max Output level    +26dBu
Bandwidth    20Hz to 20kHz
S/N ratio    –83dB @+4dBu/1kHz
Control    DIP–switches to connect to chassis
Accessories    mounting bracket
Product dimensions    12.12cm x 7.23cm x 3.07cm (4.77" x 2.85" x 1.21" ) W, D, H
Weight product    0.2kg (0.5lbs) approx.
Shipping dimensions    23.20cm x 13.60cm x 10.00cm (9.13" x 5.35" x 3.94" ) W, D, H
Shipping weight    0.4kg (1.0lbs) approx.

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