In order to bring up the computer knowledges and operation skills, through the combination of multimedia teaching methods and the technology of network transmission, we can import variety of media resources, such as video, audio, image, animation, pictures, texts, etc. into the teaching activities. Clearly and instantly transferring them through network to enrich the remote teaching activities.



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Broadcast teaching

Audio and Video Broadcasting, Window Broadcasting,Area Broadcasting, Demo Rebroadcasting

Teaching Assistance

Remote Monitoring and Controlling, e-Pointer (Electronic Whiteboard), Voice Interaction, Remote Command, Send Notice, Send / Collect Assignments, Video Recorder, Online Exam .

Management Functions

Remote Lock, Remote Power On/Off, Access Restrictions,Network Restrictions, Program Restrictions, Disconnection Lock, Multi-Channel Applications, Asset Management




Monitors-Technological Systems
Projectors-Technological Systems
Audio systems-Technological Systems

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