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GOO is a performing paint, so to know which coating is most suited to your project, a number of technical considerations need to be taken in: projector specs, throw distance, light conditions, type of content. The AV Professional can advise.A GOO coating is chosen based on specs and site requirements, not its colour. GOO specifications need to be considered in conjunction with variables within the set up and what the site presents.All GOO coatings, except for those in BASIC, 2.0 range and Rear Projection, work in and are applied in pairs, i.e. Part A, a Reflective coat, which goes on first, followed by Part B, a Finish (diffusive) coat: – in this order.

Basic, Classic & Primium

BASIC range is good for price and time sensitive, build-&-tear-down projects and/or internal viewings. Completion time half that of Classic and Premium +20 coatings. Single-part coating.CLASSIC range is where it all started! Good for demanding projects that must meet public viewing standards. Two-part coating.PREMIUM +20 range have 20 – 30% higher reflectivity than CLASSIC coatings. For very demanding projects, where public viewing is very critical and budget no object. Unsuitable for image blending. Two-part coating.



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