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The VP-28 is a high performance switch for composite video, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, computer graphics video and stereo and microphone signals.
It can work like 3x1 HDMI, 2x1 Display port, 3x1 composite and 3x1 DVI switcher and all with unbalanced stereo sound.


Max data rate:  6.75Gbps (2.25Gbps per graphic channel) (HDMI & DVI)
Compatible with HDTV:  Yes
HDCP Compliant:  Yes
Audio Level Memory:  Remembers and returns to the last audio level setting during switching
Condenser or Dynamic Microphone:  Button selectable
Microphone & Audio Mixing:  Input selectable master audio output
Mic Talkover:  Mutes master audio output when mic signal is sensed
Level Controls:  Master audio output, microphone input
Flexible Control Options:  Front panel, RS-232, Ethernet & IR (included)
Front Panel Control Lockout:  Yes
Παροχή Ρεύματος:  100-240V AC
Accesories:  DVI to DVI and VGA breakout cable (included)
Standard 19” Rack Mount Size:  1U. Rack “ears” included

Video Input
3 composite video on RCA connectors    Yes
3 HDMI connectors    Yes
2 DisplayPort connectors    Yes
3 PC/DVI on DVI connectors    Yes
Video Output
1 composite video on an RCA connector    Yes
1 HDMI connector    Yes
1 DisplayPort connector    Yes
1 PC/DVI on a DVI connector    Yes
Audio Input
1 mic on an XLR connector    Yes
1 mic on a 6.3mm phone jack connector (3mV/10kW condenser/dynamic)    Yes
3 CV/ 3HDMI/ 2 DP/ 3 PC audio/ 3 DVI    Yes
all unbalanced stereo audio on 3.5mm mini jack connectors    Yes
Audio Output
1 CV/ 1 HDMI/ 1 DP/ 1 PC audio/ 1 DVI    Yes
All unbalanced stereo audio on a 3.5mm mini jack connectors    Yes
1 master balanced stereo audio on a 5–pin terminal block    Yes

Maximum Output Level  Video (CV: 1.7Vpp, XGA: 2.3Vpp), Audio (Master: 17Vpp from mic, 12.4Vpp from line in), Local outputs: 8.8Vpp from line inputs
Bandwidth:   Video (CV: 680MHz, XGA: 290MHz (-4dB 400MHz)), Sound (> 25kHz)
Diff. Gain:   Video (CV: 2.5%, XGA: 0.1%)
K-Factor: CV:   <0.05%, XGA: <0.05%
S/N Ratio:   Video (CV: 74dB, XGA: 71dB @5MHz), Audio (Master: 81dB from mic (@20mVpp input, 17Vpp output diff, “A” weighting, XLR microphone, 90 to 95dB from line in (“A” weighting)), local Outputs: 110dB (“A” weighting)
Crosstalk @1kHz (all hostile):   Video (CV: -54dB, XGA: -56dB (5MHz)), Audio (Master: -70dB), local Outputs: -80dB from line in
Controls (Level Range):   MASTER: <-12 to 70dB from mic, -79 to +15dB from line in
Coupling:   Βίντεο (CV: DC, XGA: DC), Audio: AC
Audio THD + Noise:   Master (0.4% from mic, 0.02% from line in (“A” weighting)),local Outputs 0.04% from line in
Compilant with HDCP:    Yes
Maximum Bandwidth DP σε HDMI:   One or two lane (1.65Gbps per lane)
Indicators LEDs:   IR
Power Consumption:   90-264V AC, 23VA
Accesories:  Power cord, Kramer infrared remote control transmitter, Kramer ADC-DM/DF+GF DVI to DVI and VGA breakout cable, rack "ears"

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