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A brand new product will replace immediately and free of charge any malfunction. It's all part of the PrimeSupportPro three-year service with Advanced Exchange. See all the unique support options offered by Technology Systems in collaboration with Sony Professional!

PrimeSupport Support Package Options That Suits You:


FREE replacement with every new Sony Professional product market
Access to PrimeSupport helpdesk
Help in initial setup
14-day repair including shipping


Upgraded service with high quality features
Extended helpdesk hours
Access to special products
Fast repairs and equipment with borrowing *

PrimeSupport Bespoke

Customized support with a wide range of choices
Specific helpdesk and extended hours
Guaranteed * engineer response within 60 minutes of the call
Guaranteed * repair speed


A variety of on-demand services including:
Engineer support on site support
Good performance tests to ensure optimum performance
Help in initial setup
Training in the use of equipment for up to 8 people

* It may vary by equipment.

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