Video conferencing

Video conferencing

Video conferencing systems are nowadays necessary in most companies and organizations, regardless of their size or field of business.

The existence of a quality video conferencing system in the workplace facilitates remote communication with partners and customers. Moreover, it is a good basis for the development of the extroversion of our business, since it enables participation, through virtual presence in conferences, workshops, presentations etc.

"Technologica Systems" provides video conferencing systems that can meet your every possible need, adapt to each space and meet any technical specification, or security requirement.

Our video conferencing systems include a wide range of robotic cameras and bundle systems. These systems are a complete set of cameras, speakers and microphone. With any of these solutions, you only need a computer with a compatible software such as Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, Vidyo and the like. Just connect to a USB port, and the system is ready for operation.

Video conferencing is a critical corporate efficiency tool, hence it should offer the best possible image and sound quality without resonances.




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