Meetings rooms

Meetings rooms

The quality of presentations in your corporate spaces is a lot more than just a succession of slides. The excellent image quality with the right brightness, the proper sound and your visitor’s devices connection capabilities in room’s projection systems, represent your corporate image, while your participants are more engaged with your content.

In "Technologica Systems” we have an extended experience as the most specialized supplier of presentation equipment in Greece.

Based on your available budget and depending on your space, from the simplest to the more complex needs, we will design and recommend solutions that incorporate the latest technologies, on professional displays, videowalls or video projectors, so that you have crystal clear, bright images without the need to "blackout" the room, with immediate start of operation.

Laser technology video projectors, HD screens with up to 8k resolution, room bookings platforms providing insights on rooms’ usage, are some of the many available tools that will dramatically upgrade your collaborations efficiency.

You will also be able to integrate videoconferencing with excellent image and audio quality on your presentation hardware, you’ll be able to easily and quickly select the image sources and wirelessly stream all kinds of content from a computer or mobile device on your monitors. Furthermore, you’ll be able to have automated commands on all other functions of the room.



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