Interactive education

Interactive education

In recent years, traditional teaching has evolved internationally into a more cooperative learning environment. The technological media available, especially interactive projectors and interactive monitors, made traditional blackboards and oral course delivery obsolete, bringing together students and teachers in an environment based on teamwork, increasing student engagement.

This interactive process, allows more students writing on the board at the same time, while teamwork encourages participation by more students who can now have an even more active role using content such as images, videos, or quizzes on the course subject.

Interactive projectors also allow teacher’s notes to be exported in electronic or printed form. This means that the chances of errors in students' notes are eliminated, while distraction is significantly reduced.

Teachers no longer have to pause teaching to clean the blackboard and write the same notes over and over for each class. Now notes can be made once and distributed to other teachers in a digital form so that they can be used in more classes. The design of the course delivery can be done on any computer with any content (images, videos or notes) and played from a USB flash drive or distributed to students digitally.

These systems are also fully compatible with complementary video conferencing, video-training or electronic teaching platforms such as ViewAce.



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