Digital signage

Digital signage

Make the most of what Digital Signage applications can offer you for effective visual communication with any audience.

Whether your task is enhancing promotion in shopping centers and shops, or passing information to the public and employees in corporate spaces and offices, Digital Signage is now more than ever necessary for the efficient transmission of visual messages in every circumstance.

"Technologica Systems" offers a wide variety of hardware and software combinations so you can have the full control of messages transmission, as well as automatic playlists for all possible applications:

  • Promotional uses at retail shops
  • Info and wayfinding POI
  • Messages to visitors of a venue
  • Information in museums, galleries.
  • Visual ambience in visitor areas
  • Information on events and conferences in hotels, shopping malls.

Ultra-high brightness displays ensure ideal outdoor use with full sunshine, while special add-ons can protect screens from any potential risk (e.g. weather elements or vandalism).

Available audiovusuals solutions can include from a stand-alone screen with pre-loaded content, to a large network of screens in super markets or store chains, with content transmitted via network from a control center.

Whatever the possible use and space, "Technologica Systems" will compose the optimal solution for your needs.



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