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In “Technologica” we are well aware of how important everyday functions are to you, so that you can keep your business performance in optimum level.

Functions such as excellent collaboration between software and hardware, seamless internal and external communication with partners and customers, productive and intelligent use of meeting rooms as well as the effective promotion of products and your services, are issues we will solve through elaborate solutions adjusted to your budget and specifications.

Our ideas on planning, installation and support of integrated business solutions for businesses operating in all sectors of the economy, are in place in business segments such as: commercial operations, service provision, industries, financial institutions, health services, conference venues, shopping malls, hotels and entertainment setups.


Meetings rooms

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Video conferencing

Video conferencing - Technologica Systems



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Corporate Spaces Automation and Management

Αυτοματισμοί εταιρικών χώρων - Technologica Systems



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